Intuitive Body Reading

An Intuitive Body Reading is, the ability to discern and "see"  physical and emotional states within the energy body. The ability allows me to "see", problematic areas stemming from past, present, and sometimes future states, as well as their likely causes and will also provide helpful solutions. All information that I intuitively read will be delivered in a loving and supported environment.

Intuitive Body Reading is conducted while you lay on a massage table, sofa, or other comfortable place. I focus into your body and "see" areas of various significance, received intuitively. Presently significant injuries, illnesses, physical habits, dietary tendencies, as well as conditions of the past and/or future are often reviewed. The goal is to provide awareness to these issues that may arise and create lasting solutions for healing the body, heart and soul.  Also information may arise regarding emotional states that may be attributing to a physical negativity, factors such as stress, family, work, and so on. Information is shared with you in real-time, and you are free to respond with questions and comments during the session.

During your Intuitive Body Reading session, I also receive information from your guides about possible solutions to certain negative states, which often include herbal supplements, dietary changes, exercises, lifestyle changes, and other ideas.