bohaty method is my approach to help design a bio-individual program including the body, heart, and soul. This method was born out of twenty eight years of caring and healing for others and is designed to,




If you are new to my website, you have a few options. You can make an appointment for an intuitive body reading, which allows me to access your emotional and spiritual anatomy. A reading will help reveal and discern what has been going on in your internal world that may be creating health concerns and or emotional disruptions you can't access on your own. If your looking for long term guidance to change your nutrition and well-being, sign up for a nutritional consult.  For a deeper look we can combine both the intuitive and use of my bio-metrics scan which measures some of the most subtle but powerful biorhythms of the brain and a E.K.G reading to determine heart health and the health of all your vital organs. Or hop on my table and experience some amazing hands on cranio-sacral therapy and energy healing to help relieve many pains;  spiritual, psycho-emotional and physical conditions. 


Bohaty Method is an approach to health. "Restore yourself to health".

There are so many fads, that come and go. They promise fast weight loss, immediate happiness, and a solution to everyone's problems.  But do they? I wanted to create an opportunity for individuals who have been on a personal quest for health to understand how to really implement change that won't be just a fad in your life!


January 25th, 2017, I will be teaching a 5 week class on, Awakening the subtle light body and restoring yourself to health.

In April I will have bi-monthly  classes and workshops on how to cook healthy foods that will carry over into our busy lives, you don't have to be "wealthy to be healthy", and how to continue to keep your new lifestyle changes sustainable long term.


Elise is a medical intuitive and an energetic woman who has embraced her profession as a lifestyle commitment. Her philosophy is, that working with the body is like learning a new language. She considers herself an interpretor of sorts. Helping people understand and listen to what the body needs in order to heal and feel whole. Her work ranges from Nutritional Therapy,  subtle healing and esoteric styles of practice to deep structural integration. She studied and received her Nutritional Therapy degree with N.T.A. and has a life of passion to help her clients create balance with the body, heart and soul to restore yourself to health.  Therapeutic Massage at the Minneapolis School of Massage and Bodywork, graduating in 1989. While in school, Elise began an informal study of nutrition, meditation, macro-biotic cooking, and using diet and nutrition as a natural means to treat illness. She has studied a wide variety of modalities in the 28 years of her practice, including Esalen Massage, Swedish Massage, Meridian Therapy, N.M.T., M.F.R., Deep-Tissue Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy( Milne Institute) Body Mind Centering, Shamanism and Light Bearers. The most profound studies have been her meditation practice and the study of world religions, specifically Buddhism and Shamanism. Her spiritual Journey is at the core of her commitment to be in service to others and is the platform with which she resonates from. It has always been her dream to build a center that encompasses all of what she has learned, a true place of healing, which allows her to touch each individual she has the honor to work with and help, "Restore yourself to Health" Body, Heart, and Soul.